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  • (Укр) Як вибрати розробника (веб-студію) для вашого сайту або захоплюючі історії створення сайту

    (Укр) В наш час питанням створення сайту задаються все більше і більше компаній та підприємців. В цій статті ми розповімо про декілька історій створення сайту. Звичайно ж дійові особи, цифри, самі історії є вигаданими, і збіг з реальними людьми – випадковість 🙂 Проте подібні ситуації можуть бути із кожним, хто в певний момент захоче знайти розробника для свого сайту, оскільки вибір виконавця буває не завжди вдалим. А висновки робіть самі.


  • Copy fashionable ideas or cargo cult in the IT industry

    In World War II, American troops based their base in the Melanesian islands. These military bases were designed to wage war with the Japanese Empire. US transport planes regularly delivered goods with provision for garrisons and support local Aboriginal people. Thus, the natives have access to civilization. However, satisfaction is not long. After the victory in the war the Americans left their military base. However, military and cargo disappeared. In this situation, the natives have concluded that white people (ie, military US Army) have control over the “magic” ill-gotten goods.


  • PHP – the most popular language for web programming

    If you want to develop a web site other than the elementary site, you can not do without the use of server programming language, the most popular of which is the PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor, the former name: Personal Home Page Tools) – scripting language for generating HTML-pages on the server side. PHP is interpreted by a web server in the HTML-code that is sent to the browser.

    Work on PHP starts in 1995, and in 2004 he published a PHP 5, which is constantly being improved and new versions released in PHP 5.


  • What is website promotion?

    Any site benefits only when someone visits it.

    Website promotion is a complex of measures aimed at increasing site traffic, attracting the target audience to the site from search engines.

    The process of site promotion includes search engine optimization and its promotion in search engines.

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is a site preparation for promotion. It includes optimization of text pages, keywords, titles, structure of internal links.


  • CSS3 – beautiful and convenient site design

    CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets, Level 3) is widely used on many sites, although with some developers may not be considering the differences CSS3 and earlier, as these nuances do not necessarily know, if we consider a single technology CSS – styles for processing (rendering) HTML-pages.

    If the practical use of technologies HTML5 is not always noticeable in the case of introduced technologies CSS3 following result is obvious. CSS3 features greatly enhanced over previous versions. Toolkit provides CSS3 effects that previously achieved only by inserting images or javascript. As a result, simplifies the process of page layout, reduced server load and page weight, increase speed of loading.


  • What are the benefits of HTML5?

    Although officially HTML5 yet published, but now all of her talk, and Internet browsers offer new versions already support many functions of HTML5. What is the power of HTML5? HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language, version 5) is the latest and most new version of HTML – the basic standard layout a page.

    Briefly characterize the main innovation HTML5. Beginning of the layout is optimized: !Doctype html. Announcement of the page encoding: meta charset = «UTF-8».