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Copy fashionable ideas or cargo cult in the IT industry

In World War II, American troops based their base in the Melanesian islands. These military bases were designed to wage war with the Japanese Empire. US transport planes regularly delivered goods with provision for garrisons and support local Aboriginal people. Thus, the natives have access to civilization. However, satisfaction is not long. After the victory in the war the Americans left their military base. However, military and cargo disappeared. In this situation, the natives have concluded that white people (ie, military US Army) have control over the “magic” ill-gotten goods.

Aborigines thought that such goods created the spirits of their ancestors, so call them charming. But when the cargo was gone, and the natives thought that white people stole them, they have to return “gifts” began to mimic the behavior of the military, building models of aircraft and airport, portrayed signals planting more. And when it fails, they all abandoned their religious beliefs and worship is fully focused on aircraft and airport.

Thus was the cargo cult (Cargo from English. – Load) – one of the manifestations of magical thinking, which involves the belief that performance and repetition of certain rituals can bring the desired result.

Unfortunately, nowadays also often meet such people. Not bypassed this cult and representatives of IT (Information Technology), which mindlessly imitate behaviors and corporate rules:

  • If each page to place text “All rights reserved”, it still does not protect against plagiarism.
  • Copy structure popular in Ukraine online store outlet and thus hope for the same amount of sales, to say no.
  • Repetition of words like prayer and Agile projects successful PMBoK not.

Generally, any idea should be clear and understandable content. For what purpose it is done and what benefits bring? I will bring all? Think about it.

If you want to use some fashionable idea in achieving their goals, but it does not help, you might lose content and thus turned the idea into a cult. In that case, welcome to the ranks of fans of the Cargo!