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Low cost E-commerce site

Cheap package


1 day

The template design is as simple as possible, without special features.
Menu items, icons and other graphic elements are compact, neat. This is exactly what defines a minimalist design.
Attention is focused on the main menu, which contains large buttons with icons. We immediately want to click on such menu.
Big shop
Is designed for store with a large number of products and categories. The main feature is «All products» menu, which has fine navigation through all products categories.

This site package includes:

  1. basic functionality of the site (photo gallery, video insert, news feed, search, etc.);
  2. some typical elements – large slider, google-card, contact form and form “order a callback”;
  3. typical functional of the online store (shopping cart and ordering, sorting and filtering of goods, stickers of promotional items, similar and related products, etc.);
  4. multilingualism;
  5. responsive layout (mobile version);
  6. slight changes in the design, namely the change of color
The package also includes modules that are paid in other projects:
  • Multilingualism
  • Online payment
    Online payment
In addition, you get a discount for modules:
  • Nova poshta
    Nova poshta

    easy branches selection from the list; automatic calculation of delivery cost

  • Google login + Facebook login
    Google login + Facebook login

    is very easy for visitors; many visitors don”t want to register by old way

  • Smart search
    Smart search

    path to the product becomes easy and short; many visitors start with a search


In what cases may you be interested in such a proposal?

  • you have low requirements to the site, you are satisfied with a site template design;
  • at this stage, you want to invest in the site a minimum amount of money and time, immediately start working with the site, evaluate its effectiveness, so you need a simpler website so you can improve it later.

Why do we offer site development at such low prices? Is it profitable for us? We can create such a site quickly, during the day, because it uses a simple template design (only colors can be changed within the package). Then this design can be changed. At the same time, the functionality of such a site is quite powerful.

We fill the site with your hosting, we make the basic settings of the site, necessary for the beginning of its normal work, we give small advice on work in the manager. Fill the site with content yourself.

If you already have a domain and hosting, you will receive a ready site during the day.
This site will be on the WordPress platform. All the content (texts, images), of course, is edited in the admin. The advantage of our sites is the most simple management in the administration.
If you want to improve the functionality and design of the site, this can be done at the next stage of work. This work can be done not only by us but also by other specialists working with WordPress.

Thus, here you can create by attractive price the e-shop with a powerful functional and simple template design. It is important that this is a full-fledged online store, unlike various free designers, shops in ready-made trading platforms, and other similar variants, with typical disadvantages: the presence of advertising, restrictions on the promotion of the site, the impossibility of seriously changing the site.